Telemote Frequently Asked Questions

This is a collection of answers to frequently asked questions about Telemote for Windows. Please check here before sending email or calling Pragma Systems in regards to problems with the SSH Server product.

Also check our forums pages for common questions and answers,

Many issues can be resolved by viewing the Event Logs, where we record all errors and informational events. In Version 7, Build 9, Revision 1815 and later, all events are recorded under Windows Applications and Services -> Pragma SSH Server. In earlier versions, events are recorded in the Application log.

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A. Limitations of the Telemote evaluation
B. Hardware needed

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A. Limitations of the Telemote evaluation

The free evaluation copy of Pragma SSH Server will timeout 14 days from when it is installed. The greeting message and copyright messages cannot be changed or removed. Other than that, there is no difference.


B. Hardware needed

Telemote will run on any system able to run Windows. Therefore, all you need is the minimum requirements set by Microsoft. As for how many users can ssh to a machine at the same time and performance not be degraded, we say that you need about 5MB per user above the minimum needed for Windows.



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