Windows and FIPS compliant SSH Server, SFTP and Telnet Server solutions

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Pragma collaborated with Cisco to create ssh/sftp clients with multi-factor authentication. Read Pragma/Cisco white paper.

Cisco MFA with Microsoft NPS & Active Directory Pragma white paper.


Pragma Fortress SSH Server and SSH Clients are FIPS 140-2 compliant will have FIPS 140-3 coming soon! Pragma Fortress SSH client and servers now have Elliptic curve, Edwards curve and related key exchanges support along with the continued support of RFC 6187 for Government recommended MFA.


Use Pragma Servers with a variety of database applications for your warehousing needs.

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Make your job simple by trying the most reliable remote desktop Telemote, ssh and telnet

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More than 5000 companies around the world use Pragma Systems software: SSH Server, Telnet Server, secure file transfer (SFTP), SSH remote systems management and handheld client solutions to build highly secure corporate networks that meet their enterprise requirements and regulatory guidelines.

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  • Telemote has a rich feature set that met our needs for global support and sysadmin tasks of medical imaging stations we have in hospitals worldwide. Pragma is known for advanced products and we are pleased to work with them to adopt Telemote across our various groups and departments company-wide.

    Alex Korolev, Senior Systems Engineer, McKesson Change Healthcare
  • Pragma is an excellent SSH technology provider and its solution works very well with Cisco SSH bundled in our devices." said Chris Lonvick, Director of Research and Advanced Development at Cisco and editor of the SSH RFC internet standard. "Our team has worked closely with Pragma for interoperability with Cisco SSH and we have worked to ensure end to end access for many common customers, including the United States Army.

    Chris Lonvick, Director, Cisco
  • We have been using Pragma Telnet/SSH at ESB since February 2009 for a niche application which daily transmits html files via SSH from a group of AIX servers in a datacenter to Windows web servers. The product has operated flawlessly since installation with no problems whatsoever. We renewed the product maintenance in February 2010.

    Frank Giblin, Systems Support Manager, ESB Networks, Dublin, Ireland
  • In making its decision, Marshfield Clinic weighed Microsoft® Remote Desktop Protocol, PCAnywhere and VNC open-source remote desktop access. Other potential solutions proved to be ‘overkill’. They provided too much access at too high a cost. Pragma’s Fortress SSH was built from the ground up to do exactly what we needed. By deploying Pragma, we were able to grant multiple developers concurrent access to our test and production servers through a secure, controlled channel.

    Derek Dieringer, Marshfield Clinic
  • Having received excellent support in the form of a custom DLL library for he group’s initial 2003 Pragma Systems installation, we turned to Pragma Systems again. Pragma worked with us intensively over the next 18 months to understand and find a solution to our dilemma.

    Luther Johnson, World Dairy Expo/JVL Systems
  • Working with Pragma, StayLinked and PEAK Technologies has been great! Thanks to Pragma and StayLinked, we enjoyed a trouble-free installation.

    Steve Breisch, Zausner’s Foods
  • When it came time to find a highly secure, SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) solution to satisfy our clients requirements, Pragma Fortress more than met the challenge. The ease of configuration, high level of encryption and speed we get with Pragma more than satisfies our stringent requirements. We will definitely be using the software for all our other clients who require similar, secure data-transfer processes.

    Michael Fortune, Eclipse Marketing (United Kingdom)
  • With Pragma, we were able to give our customers the handhelds they needed to collect mission-critical data in real time, not to mention the convenience and reliability they have a right to expect. Pragma’s telnet client gives us the portability we require, the ability to apply it across different handhelds, and the flexibility our clients demand.

    Charlie Hayes, Janam/CE Tech
  • Siemens has used Pragma Telnet Server in past projects and are quite satisfied with the results.

    Michael Le, Siemens Postal Automation
  • Bang for a buck! Pragma's [TelnetServer] is a great value! With it, you get the telnet access you missed from UNIX and an INETD which can spawn any Win32 console application. Good Stuff!

    Software Design Engineer, Microsoft Corporation
  • Working with Pragma, StayLinked and PEAK Technologies has been great! Thanks to Pragma and StayLinked, we enjoyed a trouble-free installation.

    Software Design Engineer, Microsoft Corporation
  • Establishing relationships with ISVs is a key component to Symbol Technologies' growth strategy. Symbol recognizes the business value ISVs have in the marketplace and their role as trusted business advisers to our mutual customers. By partnering with key ISVs such as Pragma Systems, together we can provide a complete enterprise mobility solution for our customers and prospects.

    Randy Brailey, ISV Program Manager, Motorola Inc.
  • Thank you so much for your help! It is nice to work with a software vendor whose actions show that they make customer service a high priority.

    Biogen Idec
  • But, as not only does Pragma Systems' TelnetServer 2000 slice, dice and make julienne fries, and do everything else, ... (I have also heard that TelnetServer 2000 make a great cup of coffee, but I haven't tried that yet personally.)

    Unifi Technology Group
  • When evaluating products I always consider support as part of the overall package. Not only is your product solid, your support is as well.

    System Engineer, Mentor Technologies
  • We chose Pragma because you came highly recommended from Telxon's engineering group and the fact that the software passes escape codes very well.

  • As always, your prompt and excellent customer service is appreciated.

    Northwest Analytical, Inc.
  • I am developing a remote application that uses Telnet and plan to use your Telnet server for customers that do not have one already installed on the equipment monitored. I've found it to be far superior to all the other available.

    Nova Software, Inc.
  • All three copies of the TelnetD have been running for over a year without any problem. In fact, I have forgotten how to even configure it because it has been so reliable.

    Computer Systems Manager, Pacific Coast Building Products
  • Pragma TelnetServer is a very smart solution that provides us with the greatest flexibility regarding our challenges.

    Gunter Heppes, CIO, Bartels Langness GmbH & Co. KG
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