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SSH Server and Telnet Server Usage Examples

  • Coca-Cola utilizes the Pragma Systems, Inc. technology to get remote access to other servers, located in other buildings. The purpose of using our technology is to perform system administration work (mainly giving certain type of file permission to different people who have the access to the server).

    Pragma SSH Server provided secure command line access through SSH to Marshfield Clinic servers for securely monitoring logs and starting/stopping jobs.

    Dell Computer Corporation utilizes the Pragma Systems, Inc. technology in their test labs. One person logs into the server at a time. The main usage of our technology is to perform basic tasks such as adding files, deleting files, and making changes to different directories. They also perform remote administration to different servers at various locations in Dell.

  • Pragma Systems and PEAK Technologies help Pepco, an energy holding company plug into the full power of SAP.

    HEB utilizes the Pragma Systems, Inc. technology in 90 different stores in the pharmacy departments. One or two system administrators simultaneously log into the telnet server from their headquarters location. The main purpose is to manage administration remotely and assist them in updating different software to all of these locations.

    Pragma System customized secure handheld client solution helps upgrade the security capability of Motorola AFIS system.

  • Smersi Inc from Italy utilizes the Pragma Systems, Inc. technology to access their servers in Italy at any time to make necessary changes and updates as required.

    BlueCross and Blue Shield utilize the Pragma Systems, Inc. technology to log on to their Oracle Server to run some applications dealing with statistics on health issues. They cannot use any other competitive telnet server product due to incompatibility issues with their Oracle applications.

    Motorola utilizes Pragma SSH & Pragma PocketVT (SSH Tunneling) technology to secure data transmitted between mobile biometrics scanning devices and centralized database systems in a law enforcement environment.

Case Studies

January 2012
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November 2009
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February 2009
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October 2008
World Dairy Expo & Pragma Systems Make the Right Mooves
October 2008
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August 2008
Attachmate and PRAGMA SYSTEMS: Partnering to Put SSH in the Field for Motorola
January 2008
Organic Grocer: Food for Thought - International Organic Grocer, Pragma Systems & PCI Compliance - Case Study
August 2007
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August 2007
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March 2007
Unicer Bebidas: Secure Wireless Tracking. 35 Countries. Delivered. - Case Study

White Papers

May 2016
Cisco & Pragma whitepaper: "Using Two-Factor Authentication Configuration to Combat Cybersecurity Threats"
March 2010
Using Pragma Systems & StayLinked: Remote SSH Connectivity Done Right
January 2008
Using Pragma SSH for PCI Compliance
August 2007
Migrating to SSH
October 2006
Pragma SSH White Paper
RFC 4250 - SSH Protocol Assigned Numbers
RFC 4251 - The Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol Architecture
RFC 4252 - The Secure Shell (SSH) Authentication Protocol
RFC 4253 - The Secure Shell (SSH) Transport Layer Protocol
RFC 4254 - The Secure Shell (SSH) Connection Protocol
RFC 4256 - Generic Message Exchange Authentication for the Secure Shell Protocol (SSH)
RFC 4335 - The Secure Shell (SSH) Session Channel Break Extension
RFC 4344 - The Secure Shell (SSH) Transport Layer Encryption Modes.
RFC 4345 - Improved Arcfour Modes for the Secure Shell (SSH) Transport Layer Protocol
An archive of RFC numbers and documents
Internet Standards (STD) / Comprehensive Overview/ Internet Protocol Overview
Sixth USENIX Security Symposium - SSH Secure Login Connections over the Internet
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) – page with secure shell standards and links for internet drafts and RFCs
RFC 854 - Telnet Protocol Specification - Primary RFC which defines how telnet client and telnet server should operate
RFC 855 - Telnet Option Specification - A short RFC which defines how options are to be negotiated in telnet sessions


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