Remote SysAdmin Tool for the Cyber Security era. Access & Manage any systems.

Systems and Network management is a big headache in the age of cloud and cyber security break-ins.

Pragma's Telemote product was built to solve it for IT professionals. Manage all your diverse systems with one single tool - Telemote. It lets you discover all your systems, double click to access its remote screen or right click to run any of the verb - file transfer, SSH cmd line, access a remote PowerShell session or get a RDP session - all from a single integrated sysadmin package – Telemote. All run over a secure and FIPs certified SSH communications transport. We bring iron clad security and our SSH transport is US Army Certified.

Pragma Telemote and Telmote Viewer run on Windows Server 2019/2016/2012R2 and Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. Pragma SSH and crypto library obtained US NIST FIPs certification for Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and Windows server 2012R2.

Pragma Telemote and Telemote Viewer are fully compatible and tested for use in in Windows Server 2019 and are used in thousands of sites worldwide.

Telemote Remote Screen protocols are fully capable to show Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 screens. If a system has multiple monitors, any one of it or all of them can be displayed. High resolutions monitors are supported.

Transfer files securely by running the easy to use graphical file transfer facility or over secure SFTP or SCP, all of which are built in. These can be handy to upload or download patches or obtain a needed image or document file.

Get command line access with a ssh session.

Want a PowerShell session to a box? Click Powershell verb. Telemote includes industry's only WinRM powershell server and client that can run any powershell or cmd line commands including interactive editors like vi, edit or emacs.

RDP client is embedded for easy access.

DashBoard tool is bundled to quickly and easily manage processes, services in the remote systems. You can also shutdown or reboot the remote systems and monitor them come back up and reconnect automatically.

Telemote is a new generation system administration tool to manage Windows Servers in data centers or Windows desktops in an enterprise. It is fully integrated with Active Directory to provide you the maximum ease in managing an Enterprise Windows environment or a Windows Data Center. Linux and Unix systems and Cisco devices can also be managed using SSH, SFTP and SCP. Thus Telemote is very useful to manage a modern office IT environment.

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