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These packages can be installed directly over existing installations of Build 9 Revision 1055 and later. Prior builds should be uninstalled before running this package. Configuration settings can be saved using the export/import feature on the General Settings page or on the Configuration Management page of the Local Server Configuration program

Release Notes for Version 5.0


All packages are 14 day evaluations without a registration key. To remove timeout enter your registration key.

Upload-key.exe: Utility to upload authentication keys to Fortress SSH Server (Builds 9.x and 10.x):

Download and extract to location on client system.
The user can then upload their authentication key to the Fortress server, using their password.
Usage: upload-key ssh-connection-spec [list | add | del] [publickeyfile]
Type "upload-key" without parameters to get additional instructions.

How to enter your registration key:
  • From the command line of a window run with elevated privileges, using the "run as Administrator" option: "pragmareg FORTRESS registration_key
  • On the About page of the Local SSH Configuration program

How to find your current build number:
  • From the command line: the pragmareg utility will list versions numbers
  • On the About page of the Local SSH Configuration program

Please visit to enter contact information to receive information about updates.

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