Windows 2008 R2 Cluster Installation

Here are the steps to install Pragma SSH Server or Pragma Telnet Server on a Windows 2008 R2 Failover cluster.

  1. Configure a properly working failover cluster.
  2. Install the Pragma Product on each cluster node.
  3. For Pragma SSH Server, make sure all nodes use the same public/private keys. This can be done by a) overwriting one node’s keys with another in the Windows\system32\drivers\etc directory, or b) mapping a shared drive and configuring Fortress to use keys on the shared drive.
  4. Allow InetD through the windows firewall
    1. Click "Start", Control Panel
    2. Select "System and Security"
    3. Click "Allow a program through Windows Firewall" under the "Windows Firewall" heading
    4. If "Pragma Systems InetD Server program is available in the list, Click the boxes for Domain, Home/Work, and Public. Otherwise select "Allow another program…". Then browse to C:\Program Files\Pragma\InetD and select the INETDSRV (or INETDSRV4) program.
  5. Create a Cluster CAP for the Pragma InetD service
    1. In the Failover Cluster Manager, right click on the cluster administrative name in the left column tree view. Select "Configure a Service or Application…"
    2. At the "Before you Begin" panel, Click "Next"
    3. At the "Select Service or Application" panel, select "Generic Service"
    4. At the "Select Service" panel, select "Pragma InetD"
    5. At the "Client Access Point" panel, give the CAP a name and select "Next"
    6. At the "Select Storage" panel, select the shared disk required for the Pragma services (optional). Click "Next"
    7. At the "Replicate Registry Settings", select "Add…"
    8. In the "Registry Key" dialog, enter "SOFTWARE\PragmaSystems" (without quotes). Click "OK" then click "Next"
    9. In the "Confirmation panel" click "Next".
    10. In the "Summary" panel, click "Finish"

After these steps, the Pragma CAP should be created. The CAP name chosen in step 5-e can be used communicate with the Pragma products on the cluster.


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