Recommended Configuration for handheld devices

Below are the settings that we have determined that work best with most handheld devices. Since there is such a large variety of handheld devices, these settings are just a guideline. Your device might work better with different settings.

Perform a default installation of either Pragma Telnet Server or Pragma SSH Server.

Using the Local Server Configuration program, make the following configuration changes:

  • User General Settings
    • Default Screen Mode - Full Console
    • Idle Session Timeout - Situation Dependent - Configure a value high enough not to interfere with normal production, but low enough to clear sessions after an expected idle period. The session will clear after the configured period of no activity.
    • Default Terminal Type - vtxxx
    • Allow system beep to pass to client - Yes
  • Console Settings
    • Use optimized screen scraper - Enabled
    • Shell/Custom Program - Device application with full path and all parameters. Note: Must either be enclosed in double quotes or path listed without spaces
    • Default Screen: Set Rows and Columns to match handheld device window
    • Default Character Map - [VTXXX]
  • Handheld
    • Reconnect Sessions - yes
    • Server to client heartbeat - minimum 30 seconds
  • InetD
    • Desktop Count - When using over 120 simultaneous sessions, increase the Desktop Count (default is 2). To accommodate 500 users this value was increased to 12. Since there is a fixed amount of memory that the Operating System allows for services, this value should be incrementally increased when it cannot accommodate all the desired sessions (e.g. there is no exact formula to determine a value)


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