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Pragma Telnet Server Just Got Even Better

Pragma Releases the Newly Redesigned Pragma Telnet Server 6.0 for Windows .NET Server and Windows 2000/ XP

Austin, TX {October 28, 2002} Pragma Systems, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise class Windows servers for Microsoft platforms, released a new version of their award winning telnet server product called Pragma Telnet Server 6.0 and telnet’s companion server management product Pragma Toolkit 6.0. Both products are designed for Microsoft Windows .NET, XP, 2000 and NT, and will run in all of these operating systems. Pragma Telnet Server 6.0 provides system administrators powerful remote systems management and network operations control based on proven Telnet protocol. Pragma Toolkit 6.0 provides the client side of Pragma’s management solution and includes Pragma Remote Clients, Pragma Secure Clients and 37 necessary command line tools for systems administration over telnet remotely.

New telnet server features include: viewing telnet sessions remotely through Pragma Manager, enabling monitored telnet sessions; smart registration keys which can now convert an evaluation version with a purchased registration key into a full version, allowing users to keep the configurations they had set up already; configuring users by group, for easier user management; smart prompting; easier to understand error reporting, higher performance with new Microsoft compilers; allow larger number of client connections; new revised HTML online help file format; and more. “The new Pragma Telnet Server 6.0 brings greater ease and performance to our vast installed base of enterprise customers worldwide. This version enhances Pragma as the undisputed leader of Windows telnet server", said Quamrul Mina, CEO of Pragma Systems.

Pragma’s telnet product line is widely deployed in the largest corporations in USA, Europe, Japan, Australia and Asia. IP based Telnet technology has won hands down as a simple, efficient and robust standard to manage remote machines and run applications remotely. Retail, Banking, Medical, Insurance and Supply Chain management industry are the largest users of Pragma telnet products. New generation RF Handhelds and RF applications are increasingly being built using telnet and adding new growth to Pragma. “Pragma Telnet Server allows the application software to be installed on a few Windows computers and hundreds of RF units can access them simultaneously, saving our customers’ time and money," said David Kulwin, CTO of Pragma Systems. Retailers like Target Corp, K-mart, Food Lion, HEB of USA and Woolworth in Australia have standardized on Pragma’s Telnet solutions across their enterprise.

Pragma Telnet Server 6.0 includes: a telnet server, telnet client, InetD server, Graphical and command line Telnet Manager, Remote Shell Client(rsh)/Server(rshd) and Remote Execute Client(rexec)/Server(rexecd). Pragma Toolkit 6.0 includes telnet clients, ssh clients and a large set of very handy command line tools like: Registry Editor, Shutdown/Reboot Program, Show Active Processes, Kill Process, Password Changer, File/Directory Management and more. Telnet server technology allows multiple users from a variety of different operating systems like Windows, UNIX, Linux, Macintosh, Mainframes and RF units to access a remote Windows computer via telnet and run console/character based programs simultaneously as if they were sitting directly at the computer.

Pragma Telnet Server 6.0 is US$399 each for the Personal Edition (5 connections) and US$599 for the Workstation Edition (20 connections) and US$999 for the Enterprise Edition (unlimited connections). Pragma Toolkit 6.0 is US$399 each. Pragma Remote Clients and Pragma Secure Clients are available separately for US$199 each.

About Pragma Systems, Inc.
Pragma Systems Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise class Windows servers for Microsoft platforms. Pragma’s market leading telnet server for Windows has over six hundred thousand licensed nodes in 62 countries. The product won PC Week Analyst’s choice and NSTL best Windows telnet server awards. Pragma SecureShell product offers highly encrypted secure remote access solution based on SSH protocols. Pragma TerrminalServer product offers connecting VT/WYSE/IBM/ASCII terminals to Windows servers. Pragma Systems, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1990 and is located in Austin, Texas.

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