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Pragma Telnet Server Attains Designed for Windows XP logo

            AUSTIN, Texas [October 25, 2001] – Pragma Systems Inc. announces today that three of its main products have attained Microsoft’s “Designed for Windows XP" logo. The products getting the logo are: Pragma Telnet Server, Pragma TerminalServer and Pragma Toolkit. Microsoft’s new Windows XP catalog will list these Pragma products as a certified product for Windows XP.

Pragma has redesigned and thoroughly tested its products to meet the new guidelines required by Microsoft to meet the Designed for Windows XP logo certification. “We are delighted to see our most popular product, Pragma Telnet Server, attain the Designed for Windows XP logo. Customers worldwide can now use Pragma products in Windows XP and 2000 settings knowing that they meet the new requirements from Microsoft", said Edith H. Myers, Pragma’s VP of Marketing.

Pragma Telnet Server is the most widely used telnet server package for Windows XP/2000/NT. Pragma TerminalServer allows character terminals and any serial devices like bar code readers to connect to Windows XP/2000/NT via PC COM ports. Pragma Toolkit is a collection of over thirty network and system management tools to maintain Windows networks.

About Pragma Systems, Inc.

Pragma Systems Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise class Windows servers for Microsoft platforms. Pragma’s market leading telnet server for Windows has half a million licensed nodes in over 60 countries worldwide. Pragma’s SecureShell product offers industry’s first SSH2 and SSH1 server for Windows. Pragma Systems, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1990 in Austin, Texas.

For more information contact Pragma Systems, Inc, 13706 Research Blvd. Suite 301, Austin, TX. 78750, USA, or call (512) 219-7270; fax (512 )219-7110; email:;


Contact: Edith H. Myers
Pragma Systems, Inc.


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