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SOGEI s.p.a. , branch of the Italian Finance Ministry, Purchases Site License of InterAccess TelnetD Server

AUSTIN, Texas – SOGEI s.p.a., Societa Generale di Informatica, the processing branch of the Italian Ministry of Finance, purchased a site license of Pragma Systems, InterAccess TelnetD Server to install in its countrywide government offices for remote systems administration.

"InterAccess [TelnetD Server] was chosen after a long testing period between the best Telnet Daemons for Windows NT on the market today. InterAccess [TelnetD Server] is easy to install and maintain, offers an outstanding Telnet Client – with the best keyboard support we found, works well with other telnet clients (like OS/2 client) and works well even in very low speed connections," said Luca Milanesi, Clients Support Manager for SOGEI s.p.a.

The Italian Ministry of Finance has hundreds of local offices scattered over the entire Italian territory: each office has a LAN of PCs with one or more servers and every office is linked with SOGEI Mainframes (based in Rome) by WANs. SOGEI has a total of about 40,000 clients and about 3,000 servers: clients are running OS/2, Windows 3.X and Windows NT O.S. while servers are running UNIX and Windows NT.

SOGEI s.p.a. has approximately 1600 employees based in Rome, Italy. They are responsible for all automation processes: projects, software applications (developed by SOGEI or partners), hardware, transports, cabling and maintenance. SOGEI is the licensee of data processing branch of the Italian Ministry of Finance. They are also responsible for managing, developing and integrating the informatic structures both central and peripheral of the Italian Ministry of Finance.

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