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Pragma SecureFactors Wins Bangladesh's National Cloud Use

Dhaka, Bangladesh and Austin, Texas, USA {February 16, 2022} -- Pragma Systems, a leading provider of enterprise remote access software, now has cloud based secure access software-as-a-service solutions "SecureFactors" with a win for a sovereign cloud customer, Bangladesh's National Data Center.

Pragma SecureFactors presented the solution to the Director of Bangladesh National Data Center, Mr. Tarique Barkatullah and his National Data services team, on January 22, 2022 in Dhaka, Bangladesh during Pragma CEO's Bangladesh tour. They liked Pragma's cloud solution and offered official letters to request that Pragma SecureFactors be deployed in Bangladesh National Data Center cloud as a Proof of Concept (PoC) and that it be integrated with "Boithok", Bangladesh's National Video Meeting cloud solution.

"Our Technology team liked Pragma SecureFactors and has recommended that it be deployed in our national cloud initially as a proof of concept," says Mr. Barkatullah, Chief of Bangladesh's Cyber Security team and Director of National Data Center. "We would like to check its scalability and integration capabilities with our national services."

"Asian markets like Bangladesh and India are setting the trend in cloud and digital transformation with their faster pace of development. Pragma is delighted to see its cloud solution adopted in Bangladesh's national cloud," said Quamrul Mina, CEO of Pragma Systems. "South Asia and USA collaboration will be key to our cloud success."

Pragma SecureFactors is 100% hosted in Microsoft Azure. But SecureFactors is architected to be cloud agnostic and tested with hosting in AWS, IBM, Oracle and Azure Clouds. Bangladesh's National Cloud will be its first deployment in a sovereign cloud.

SecureFactors is a modern cloud based and military grade secure remote access solution which allows access to machines and resources in multi-cloud hybrid environments. Using just a browser - Windows servers, desktops, Unix/Linux machines, Apple Macs, Cisco and other network devices, edge servers and 5G telco end-points can be securely accessed and managed over an Azure public cloud fabric or a national, sovereign or a company's own private cloud. Pragma possesses the industry's most widely used SSH (secure shell) solution, which are US DoD and FIPs certified. Pragma SSH provides the foundational transport layer of the SecureFactors cloud fabric.

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Pragma Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise class remote access and secure file transfer software for Microsoft Windows platforms and is a Microsoft Certified Partner. Pragma is an industry leader of cloud remote access and Secure Shell (SSH), SFTP, SCP and Telnet technologies. Pragma's SSH product line has US Army Certificate of Networthiness (CoN 201621769), FIPS 140-2, US DoD UC APL, US Army TIC lab certifications and Microsoft Windows Certifications. Pragma Telemote and SecureFactors adds graphical remote desktop and server management built on Pragma's secure SSH transport. Pragma's software products are deployed in the majority of Fortune 500 companies in the USA and over 5000 companies worldwide in 100 countries with millions of licensed nodes. Visit or


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