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Austin, TX {May 24, 2002} Pragma Systems, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise class Windows servers for Microsoft platforms, traveled to Europe for the Lone Star Technology Trade Mission, organized by the Austin Technology Council May 12-May 22, 2002, to meet with distinguished corporations for expansion into the European marketplace. Quamrul Mina, CEO of Pragma Systems, was a member of this trade delegation.

Pragma Systems met with regional officials and corporate leaders of the Netherlands and Belgium. Direct one-on-one meetings took place with over 12 companies who showed interests with Pragma’s product lines and vision. Pragma Systems extended the mission to Germany to meet companies where Pragma's largest customers now reside. While in Belgium, Pragma also met with delegates from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven , the birthplace of the Rijndael encryption algorithm, the new AES standard for encryption of US Government. Pragma's Security software platform uses Rijndael algorithm and close collaboration with Cryptography research group at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven were discussed.

About Pragma Systems, Inc.
Pragma Systems Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise class Windows servers for Microsoft platforms. Pragma’s market leading telnet server for Windows has half a million licensed nodes in over 60 countries worldwide. Pragma Systems, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1990 in Austin, Texas.

Pragma’s SecureShell Server for Windows is a multi-functional security/encryption product that utilizes the SSH1 and SSH2 protocol standard and tightly encrypts all data going to and from the SecureShell client and server. Pragma SecureShell serves as a software VPN, secure FTP(SFTP), secure copy (SCP) and much more to allow secure remote access for systems administration, protecting passwords and all data, encrypting emails, file transfers.

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