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Enables Access to Mission Critical Data Remotely Over Telnet and "Green Screens"

AUSTIN, Texas -{6/9/98} Pragma Systems, Inc. today announced a technology development partnership with Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) to deliver remote connectivity Telnet and terminal support to CA’s Ingres II relational database management system (RDBMS) with "wrapper" technology. Pragma also announced today that it has also joined the CA Development Partner Program.

Pragma’s InterAccess TelnetD and Terminal Server extends Windows NT to a multi user system. It allows multiple users from any machine with a telnet client to log into a single NT machine and run the Ingres solutions set or other applications like 16-bit, 32-bit console, character mode, or DOS applications remotely over telnet. InterAcess products are designed to work with Windows NT and use NT’s native security for access controls.

"Pragma’s affiliation in the Ingres Development Partner Program allows us to take advantage of the versatile architecture of Ingres to provide desktop access in a quick and affordable manner, " said Quamrul Islam, president of Pragma Systems. "The addition of InterAccess TelnetD and Terminal Server for NT to Ingres will offer easy access from any machine containing a telnet client or legacy ‘green screen’ terminals. Pragma’s products provide additional capabilities to popular CA products like Ingres II for NT and help provide greater value to our mutual customers."

The Pragma System InterAccess TelnetD and Terminal Server for NT can be used to view applications built with character-based tools, such as ABF, VISION, and VIFRED from desktop Ingres installations. By using these tools across the TelnetD server, clients will have the option of installing an Ingres II client on their local machine to access an NT-based Ingres II server.

In addition, CA’s Upfront telnet client, which renders character mode applications into a graphical environment using Telnet as the underlying protocol, also works with Pragma's InterAccess TelnetD and Terminal Server for NT. Upfront clients can access the Ingres/DBMS remotely and manipulate information as if they were sitting directly at the NT machine.

"Clients using Ingres technology can now look to Pragma for additional options and cost saving opportunities," said Carl Hartman, CA vice president of development partner programs. "With Pragma's InterAccess TelenetD and Terminal Server for Windows NT supporting Ingres, users can continue to leverage and further extend the capabilities of desktop computing and information management."

InterAccess TelnetD Server runs industry standard Telnet protocol and allows any Telnet client, whether it is UNIX, Macintosh, Mainframes, or Windows 95, to log into from a Windows NT desktop, and run any character or console mode applications like editors, databases, database management and access programs like systems management programs. InterAccess Terminal Server provides similar capabilities for "green screen" terminals. Both products support VT, WYSE, ANSI, IBM ASCII terminals or emulations.

Ingres II combines the proven reliability and strength of CA's relational database technology with the ability to access data from virtually any enterprise resource. By providing true cross-platform interoperability, Ingres II allows users to fully leverage data resources and maximize existing IT Investments.

A critical component of Harmony, CA’s comprehensive information infrastructure, Ingres II presents a new approach to n-tiered relational application management and information technology. It offers a complete solution for managing the complexity of distributed data sources, while maintaining the product strengths and reliability that users of CA's OpenIngres and Ingres have come to expect.

Pragma Systems, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1990 in Austin, Texas. Pragma develops remote connectivity, Internet and networking software for Windows NT, Windows 95 and OS/2 environments. One of its specialties is to port large UNIX software to Windows NT, Windows 95 and OS/2 environments. Pragma is also involved in software design and development for client companies, including Fortune 500 companies.


Contact: Edith H. Myers
Pragma Systems, Inc.


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