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Pragma’s SSH Server is the preferred test automation infrastructure for Panasas
to test its Windows based high performance, cluster based storage systems

Austin, Texas {August 15, 2007} – Pragma Systems, a leading provider of enterprise-class remote access and security software for Microsoft Windows & Windows Mobile, collaborates with Panasas, a global leader in parallel storage solutions, to create a secure and easy to implement custom parallel testing infrastructure using Pragma’s SSH Server technology.

Panasas constantly tests its high performance, distributed file system and has put in place a complex, test-automation infrastructure that can run a large number of test processes in parallel, preferably using SSH as their primary means of security. Pragma Systems provided Panasas a scalable, enterprise grade computing platform solution that allowed Panasas to leverage its large suite of existing SSH-based tests with its WinXP 32 and Vista 32 testing. Panasas chose Pragma’s technology because of the ease of installation, configuration, and management as well as the ease of implementing SSH across their environment. By implementing the Pragma technology, network administrators were able to significantly reduce their time testing per box. This has resulted in key productivity gains across their systems. “Our department’s mission is to test our high performance, distributed file system," states Gary Sekinger, Panasas’ Director of Information Technology. “To accomplish that mission, we have a complex test automation infrastructure that can run many test jobs in parallel, with each job directing actions on a set of clients to validate some system feature or behavior. The base communication protocol used by our test infrastructure is SSH – and by deploying Pragma Systems’ SSH technology, we were able to seamlessly extend our testing to the Windows platform."

"The team at Panasas came to us with a lengthy set of security and feature set requirements," states Andrew Tull, Pragma’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Our support organization worked with the Panasas team to understand their operating environment, as well as these requirements, and we were able to provide them with a robust, scalable solution that not only met their needs for today, but continue to do so as they build out their testing environment into the future."

Pragma Systems’ SSH Server for Windows contains Pragma’s patent-pending technologies to provide the most advanced and unique featured SSH server in the market. It provides a full featured Secure Shell (SSH) server allowing a comprehensive security framework deployment for enterprise customers. Cryptography and high encryption are used to secure channels over which communication between servers and clients take place. Full featured servers and graphical management capabilities are all bundled in the comprehensive Fortress product family suite. Pragma’s SSH Server brings one of the highest performance implementations of SSH, SFTP, SCP and certificate management for performing essential systems and network management tasks.

About Panasas Inc.

Panasas, Inc., the global leader in parallel storage solutions, helps commercial, government and academic organizations accelerate their time to results leading to real world breakthroughs that improve people’s lives. Panasas’ high-performance storage systems enable customers to maximize the benefits of Linux clusters by eliminating the storage bottleneck created by legacy network storage technologies. The Panasas ActiveStor Parallel Storage Clusters, in conjunction with the ActiveScale® Operating Environment and PanFS™ parallel file system, offer the most comprehensive portfolio of storage solutions for High Performance Computing (HPC) environments. Panasas is headquartered in Fremont, California. For more information, please visit

About Pragma Systems, Inc.

Pragma Systems Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise class remote access and security software for Microsoft Windows platforms. Pragma is an industry leader in Secure Shell and Telnet technology and offers the most popular telnet server for Windows. The company’s end-to-end solutions of servers and clients provide highly secure access to corporate supply chain, CRM, distribution and warehouse applications over wireless, Bluetooth, LAN, WAN and mobile networks. Pragma’s software is deployed in the majority of Fortune 500 companies in the USA and over 1500 companies worldwide with a million licensed nodes in over 60 countries. For more information contact Pragma Systems, Inc, 13809 Research Blvd., Suite 675, Austin, TX 78750, or call (512) 219-7270; fax (512)219-7110; email: ; visit our website at


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