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Pragma Systems Fulfills Customers Demand for Palm and Pocket PC Telnet Client

Austin, TX {July 15, 2003} -- Pragma Systems, a leading provider of enterprise class remote access and security software for Microsoft Windows, is expanding their product offering to include Pragma PalmOS and Pocket PC telnet clients to meet the needs of their customers using RF handhelds and PDA’s. Multiple end users and systems administrators are able to remotely connect to a telnet server computer (Windows, Linux, UNIX, Macintosh) and run their console/character mode programs through the command line on their handhelds. Pragma provides full featured, cost-effective solutions targeted to retail, warehousing, manufacturing and point of sale customers.

"Our clients are looking to reduce cost and memory overhead while providing feature rich functionality. Working closely with them, we have met those demands and exceeded our customers ´ expectations," said Mike Gold, Pragma Systems vice president of business development.

Pragma’s handheld clients provide economical remote access solutions utilizing existing computer environments. Retail customers have multi user access to a computer to run their RF applications like inventory applications, point of sale and data entry. Handheld telnet client access also allows system administrators to manage remote computers, with any operating system that has a telnet server installed, which gives the administrator complete control with command line access as if they were sitting directly in front of the computer.

"Pragma Systems has demonstrated an outstanding level of service and flexibility working with Retail Navigator. They have provided us with high quality, cost effective, telnet client solution that integrates seamlessly with our system. Pragma exceeded our expectations and delivered a product that is superior to the competition at a fraction of the cost," said Mike Marriner, president of Retail Navigator, a provider of turnkey solutions integrating custom software and wireless PDA scanning devices with Supplier UPC databases.

Pragma PalmOS and PocketPC telnet client features include :

  • Printing
  • Multi-byte character support ( supporting Asian languages )
  • Bar Code scanning using Symbol devices
  • Soft-key Function and Control key support
  • Scrolling
  • Configurable command bar
  • Auto Logon
  • VT 100, 220, 320, 420 and ANSI Emulation

Pricing for Pragma PalmOS Telnet Client is US$99 each and Pragma PocketPC Telnet Client is US$99 each. Download a free 14-day trial at Pragma will be releasing their PalmOS and PocketPC SecureShell Client in August 2003. Pragma PalmOS and PocketPC SecureShell Client uses the ssh protocol standardized high level encryption to protect all data.

About Pragma Systems, Inc.
Pragma Systems Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise class remote access and security software for Microsoft Windows 2003/2000/NT/XP platforms and devices running PalmOS and PocketPC. Pragma focuses on bringing high performance, reliable enterprise class software for Windows similar to what one would find in UNIX environments. Pragma’s handheld software products provide corporate server access to supply chain, customer relationship management and productivity applications over wireless, Bluetooth, LAN, WAN and mobile networks Pragma’s software is deployed in the majority of Fortune 500 companies in the USA and over 1500 companies worldwide with half a million licensed nodes in over 60 countries. For more information, visit or call 1-512-219-7270.

For more information contact Pragma Systems, Inc, 3700 W. Parmer Lane, Austin, TX 78727, or call (512) 219-7270; fax (512)219-7110; email:; visit our website at


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