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Pragma Telnet Server

Our products are made entirely in the USA!

More features and more robust than the included Windows telnet server.

Pragma Telnet Server for Windows is an advanced, high-performance, and certified telnet server that lets you manage Windows computers and networks from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Get your Windows certified telnet server today

Intuitive and easy to use, Pragma Telnet Server contains all of the functionality you need to efficiently access and use other systems remotely:

  • Speed - The Fastest Telnet Server Available on the Market
  • In depth auditing through history scroll back
  • Pragma Telnet Server is the ONLY telnet server that is CERTIFIED for Windows 2012/2008R2/8/Vista
  • Works with Windows PowerShell
  • Telnet Server (telnetd)
  • Inet Server (inetd) 
  • Remote Shell Server (rshd)
  • Remote Execute Server (rexecd)
  • ONLY telnet server to run ANY applications such as vi, edit
  • Multiple management utilities and productivity-enhancing features,
    also included with our Pragma SSH Client Suite
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Our Certifications

Enterprise applications become multi-user with telnet access

Pragma's Telnet Server is utilized to connect users to SAP console by over two million nodes to several thousand customers globally. The installation, configuration and connectivity speed represents the best in class solution available on the market today. To learn more, click  here. Pragma SAPconsole Support
Pragma Telnet Server fully supports Microsoft Windows PowerShell. Pragma PowerShell Support
Implement Pragma Telnet or SSH Server solution across any IBM server, including the x3650 offering, for smooth and flawless interoperability, functionality, and superior performance. To learn more, click  here. Pragma supports IBM x3650 server

Pragma Telnet Server for Windows uses innovative, patent-pending technology to bring you the fastest, most scalable and feature-complete telnet server software for your remote network access applications. While it performs optimally with Pragma SSH Client and Stay-Linked™, the software allows multiple users from any telnet client on any operating system to run console/character applications from Windows.

Unlike open source alternatives, which are not designed for enterprise use, Pragma Telnet Server works seamlessly out of the box, contains a robust feature set, scales to accommodate more than 1000 concurrent sessions, and is customizable to meet your unique environmental and application needs.

Features Handheld Features Server Management Benefits

Pragma Telnet Server is the choice for companies who value reliability, scalability, ease of use, data transmission speed, and most especially, time. Try it free for 14 days and experience the difference.

Additional Resources

Screen shots of Pragma Telnet Server:

Settings are easy to configure using the Pragma Telnet Server Manager See what Telnet Server sessions are currently active With Pragma Telnet Server run any graphic console application or command line program as if you were on the remote system
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Microsoft Gold Certified Partner