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Pragma's SSH Provides Secure Access to IBM Cloud

Pragma Systems, a leading provider of enterprise-class remote access and security software for Windows platforms, has made Pragma SSH Server available in the IBM Cloud. Customers worldwide can now rapidly deploy Pragma's FIPS and government certified enterprise solutions in the IBM Cloud to have remote secure access to their IBM virtual machines in the cloud. IBM Cloud users may access the Images under the BYOL (Bring Your Own License) format which gives customers 30 days of free usage for the SSH Server instance. Secure shell (SSH), secure file transfer (SFTP) and secure copy (SCP) are widely used to fulfill security and industry standard compliance requirements from HIPAA, PCI and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Unix/Linux and Windows Servers are two key platforms widely used in the Cloud environment. Pragma's SSH adds the industry standard SSH/SFTP/SCP protocol suite and remote access and file transfer solutions to Windows Servers running in the Cloud, in this case the IBM Cloud. Since cloud environments are located in remote locations, securely accessing the systems and the uploading and downloading of files, images, configuration settings and enterprise data is a core task that must be performed with the highest levels of security possible. Pragma's FIPS and US Government certified SSH in the IBM Cloud infrastructure can perform these tasks securely to meet a variety of compliance requirements.

"IBM is an industry leader in Cloud Computing and this cloud addition of Pragma's SSH enables our mutual customers access to core services via software-as-a-service model in the IBM Cloud," said Andrew Tull, VP of Sales & Marketing at Pragma Systems.  "Pragma is pleased to partner with IBM to provide Pragma's government certified remote access and application delivery solution with IBM's extensive capabilities in cloud computing."

"Pragma continues to expand our presence in the cloud with this latest partnership with IBM," said David Kulwin, CTO and co-founder of Pragma Systems. "Providing Pragma's SSH technology, in conjunction with IBM's extensive cloud based infrastructure offerings, demonstrates our commitment to being responsive to our customer's needs and offering them the flexibility to deploy SSH rapidly in a customer's cloud environment. "

One of the concerns of potential cloud users is that data is moved from an in-house location to an external location. Even though the cloud instance in itself is secured using operating systems and firewalls, the transfer of data with a general connection might pose a security risk. The SSH standard is an IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) approved internet protocol that can be used to alleviate the concern to secure data in motion. All data is encrypted when passed between a system and any client.

"Implement secure SSH access to IBM Cloud" paper showcases Pragma SSH use in IBM Cloud

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